Trade BTC/PLN on 50x leverage! | CoinDeal DerivativesTrade BTC/PLN on 50x leverage! | CoinDeal Derivatives
About CoinDeal Derivatives

CoinDeal Derivatives is an independent entity whose brand is based on trusted and well-known brand that focuses primarily on the user and the safety of its resources. We provide the possibility of instant transfers of funds between CoinDeal holders and CoinDeal Derivatives. On Derivatives with up to 50x leverage, users are able to play in pair BTC/USD.

should You trust us?

We will always take care of your security. We are user-oriented and will always follow a path that is good for them. Become a part of our community!


How do we calculate the funds?

Leverage is the total value of the position divided by equity. The index is calculated by feed from 11 exchanges (new ones will be added), while the algorithm makes sure that the index is always as true as possible and cannot be manipulated.

BBD Token

Why should you have BBD Token?

BBD Token holders will have trading fees discounts on CoinDeal Derivatives, depending on the number of tokens they hold. They will give you access to trading competitions and higher affiliate rewards. Coming soon: every BBD holder will be able to earn very attractive rewards depending on the duration and amount of tokens they hold.